When you get a raise, raise your savings too

Never give up this important habit that will take you far away

You know how you’ve always told yourself you would save more when you have more? We’re calling you out on that. Every time you get a bump in pay, the first thing you should do is up your automatic transfer to savings, and increase your retirement contributions. It’s just one step in our checklist for starting to save for retirement.

Every aspect of your personal finances goes together. If you get a raise, but you don't make an adjustment in the amount of your monthly savings too, you'll be wasting the opportunity of getting closer to the things you want, or the goals you've set for yourself. 

The habit of saving can be lost if you do not tighten the necessary nuts and do not take it seriously. When you start spending the "spare" money because of your raise, on other things that are not part of your plans, you may feel that you are losing this habit of saving enough money for your future plans.

Likewise, remember that savings are not just for organizing yourself in the present, nor just for "having good habits about money", they are also an essential part of your future plans, and in fact that is the most important destination we will give to it.

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