Two shopping tips to have in mind

You may have thought that negotiating prices and evaluating your purchases by cost per use weren't reasonable money saving techniques. Well, you may be wrong...


You might be surprised by how much you can save through negotiating prices. Most of us are in the habit of hearing or seeing how much something costs and paying that amount. However, the price you see isn’t always the price you have to pay.

Most of the time sellers use prices above their estimate, expecting to have to lower it at some point.

For instance, you may be able to negotiate your cable/internet bill, interest rates, or car insurance. Some companies are very dedicated to keeping customers happy and are willing to be flexible with their pricing to keep you on board.

You can also try buying your fruits and vegetables at a farmer’s market if there’s one nearby. Negotiating is pretty common there, especially towards the end of the day when they’re trying to get rid of their remaining produce.


There are things that you may find attractive to buy, or that you find so eye-catching that you think it would be great to have. But are you really going to make use of it? Or it would be an unnecessary purchase?

The most advisable thing is that you make purchases after having thought carefully about what you really need, and what is it you don't have. This way you avoid buying things you already have and save yourself some money.

For example, it may seem more financially responsible to buy a trendy $5 shirt than a basic $30 shirt, but only if you ignore the quality factor! When deciding if the latest tech toy, kitchen gadget, or apparel item is worth it, factor in how many times you’ll use it or wear it. For that matter, you can even consider cost per hour for experiences.

You must also keep in mind when it comes to clothing, that you should always try on the pieces before making the purchase. It is important that you see how it fits and how it looks so you can be sure that you will use it after you have it in your closet.

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