Don’t let your job define who you are

There are plenty of opportunities for you out there. Don’t be defined by one job. You’re too special for that.

Make sure you don’t let your job define who you are as a person. Your job is your work. It’s what you do. It’s not a reflection of who you are as a person. Never forget this. If you do identify with your job as who you are as a person, you’ll be too attached in an unhealthy way. God forbid you’re let go, you could be devastated beyond measure and even fall into depression.

If you feel your job isn't related to who you are or what you are passionate about, but you're making enough money for everything you need, don't reject the idea that this is a good job for you, and separate this from what you also want to do in your life that fills you up, remember that you can have several jobs, or devote time to other things as you like.

Nor should you develop an attachment to your current work. Remember that it can change at any time, and that even you can be in control of this decision. Don't be afraid of change. Find your balance in the things you like and the ones for you to make money, for a happier life!

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