When will the IRS have events to help people get CTC payments and EIPs?

When will the IRS have events to help people get CTC payments and EIPs?

In March, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act and with his signature, the child tax credit was increased to $ 3,000 per child ages 6 to 17 and $ 3,600 annually for children under 6 for the tax year 2021. When will the IRS have events to help people get CTC payments and EIPs?

The $ 1.9 trillion American rescue Plan Act aims to help the families most affected by the coronavirus pandemic but also seeks to combat child poverty that affects almost ten million children in the United States. When will the IRS have events to help people who don’t normally file taxes get CTC payments and EIPs?

The credit will be fully refundable, which means that beneficiaries will get a cash refund for any portion of the credit that is not used to cover federal income tax liability and is expected to reduce child poverty by 50%.

The increase is good news for millions of families struggling amid the pandemic as the child tax credit enhancement will last for one year and give those who qualify a financial boost. Many of these people do not file taxes due to low or no income and that is why the IRS is making a great effort to reach them.

This is why this weekend the IRS and partners in non-profit organizations, churches, community groups, and others will host events in 12 cities to help people who don't normally file a federal tax return to register for the monthly Advance Child Tax Credit (AdvCTC) payments.

The special events by IRS and partner groups to help people quickly file income tax returns and register for the advance payments will take place July 9-10, 2021(tomorrow and Saturday) and will be held in Atlanta, New York, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Phoenix, St. Louis and Washington, DC/Maryland.

"This is part of a wider effort by the IRS to reach as many people as possible who don't file a tax return but may be eligible for the Child Tax Credit and Economic Impact Payments," said Ken Corbin, IRS Wage and Investment Commissioner, and the agency's Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer.

"We encourage people to share this information widely and encourage those who need help to visit these locations," he added.

Volunteers and IRS employees will assist eligible individuals and families get these important tax credits and benefits with the help of a new Non-filer Sign-up Tool on the IRS website.

This tool is an update of last year's IRS Non-Filers tool and is designed to help individuals register for the $1,400 third round of Economic Impact Payments and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit for any amount of the first two rounds of stimulus checks they may have missed.

According to the IRS, individuals do not need to have children to attend these events and sign up for Economic Impact Payments.

People are encouraged to have the following information when they come to one of these events to make the sign-up process go quickly and smoothly:

1. Social Security numbers for their children,
2. Social Security numbers or Tax Identification Numbers for themselves and their spouse,
3. A reliable mailing address,
4. An email address, and
5. Their bank account information if they want to receive their payment by direct deposit.

The IRS is also planning to do additional events in the future in an effort to raise awareness of the expanded Child Tax Credit.

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