Strangest American taxes you may have to pay

Strangest American taxes you may have to pay

Have you ever paid attention to tax details? You may be surprised by some taxes you may have to pay someday! Check out the strangest American taxes you may have to pay. 

If you think you already know everything about taxes, you should take a second guess! There are many outrageous taxes in the US that you probably didn't even know that existed. Take a look at the most strange taxes you can find in our country!

Take a look at the strangest American taxes!

Belt buckle tax

Yes, if you are wondering which state has this tax you are probably right: Texas! If you take a look at a Texan's wardrobe you will probably find plenty of boots, hats and...belts. So, if you are willing to go to Texas to buy a belt with a patriotic buckle, bear in mind that you will get an additional 6,25% sales tax.

Sexually explicit business tax

As stated by the Utah State Tax Commission, this is an additional tax on "admission and user fees, retail sales of tangible personal property including food and drinks, and services occurring in business with nude or partially nude individuals." This means that you will pay an additional 10% tax on regular sales and use taxes. Crazy, right?

Blueberry Tax

The exceptional tree tax break

If you live in Hawaii and you have an exceptional specimen of a tree in your garden, then we've got good news for you! A tax break allows you to write off up to $3,000 on your tree maintenance costs.  Bear in mind that the state will analyze age, rarity, location, size, aesthetic quality, endemic status and if its preservation is worthy. If these boxes aren't checked, then you won't be able to get the write-off.

Blueberry tax

Maybe this is breaking news for you, but the state of Maine is the largest wild blueberry producer in the world. This is why there actually is a Wild Blueberry Tax! It imposes a 1,5% tax on every pound of wild blueberries sold. This money is then destined to investment and research to keep on the business at Maine.

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