Bernie Sanders confronts Elon Musk about wealth and taxes!

Bernie Sanders confronts Elon Musk about wealth and taxes!

The left-wing Democrat had a heating argument with Elon Musk on Twitter, check it out!

Seems like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and The creator of Space X, Elon Musk don't agree on their priorities. While the first one thinks that our main focus should be on planet Earth, the other one believes that the future lays in outer space. The two important personalities had a discussion about this topic, taxations and wealth recently on Twitter.

The back-and-forth began last week when Sanders criticized what he called the "immoral" wealth of Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The Vermont Senator has been famous for wanting to create taxes for the wealthiest in order to tackle income inequality. In a recent tweet he shared his opinion on the billionaires vast fortune, by writing:

"We are in a moment in American history where two guys, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos,  own more wealth than the bottom 40% of people in this country, that level of greed and inequality is not only immoral. It is unsustainable."

After the post became viral, Musk came with a response last Sunday, answering to Bernie that his money was being put in good use and that he was actually helping the world, saying via Twitter:

"I am accumulating resources to help make life multiplanetary & extend the light of consciousness to the stars."

To what Bernie responded:

"Space travel is an exciting idea, but right now we need to focus on Earth and create a progressive tax system so that children don't go hungry, people are not homeless and all Americans have healthcare.

"The level of inequality in America is obscene and a threat to our democracy." 

Musk and Bezos are the two richest men in the world, according to a recent Forbes analysis. The two men have a combined net worth of $343 billion.

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