4 American taxes that you won’t believe exist

4 American taxes that you won’t believe exist

If you feel you may be paying more taxes than you should, it may help to know there are people who pay taxes for things you won’t believe exist. Here are four taxes that sound too incredible to be true.  

4 American taxes that you won’t believe exist

The belt buckle tax

If you had to guess which state would impose a tax on belt buckles, Texas would probably be the last one you would bet your money on. After all, buckles are a part of the Texan wardrobe, together with boots and hats.

 It must have been the great number of buckles sold, that made a lawmaker see dollar signs and tax an additional 6.25 percent sales tax on every belt buckle you buy in Texas.

The coffee cup lid tax

Colorado has a strange idea of what is essential packaging, and what isn’t. Based on this idea there is a tax that almost unbelievable.

Apparently, the disposable cup that holds your morning latte or tea is essential, but the lid they put on it, is unnecessary. As it's nonessential, the lid is subject to an additional 2.9 percent tax.

The arrow excise tax

If you hunt with a bow and arrow, or practice archery, you could be paying a hefty fee of 43 cents per arrow. The tax goes back to 1937 but is still paid today, for using arrows longer than 18 inches, used with a specific kind of bow with a certain amount of draw. Shorter arrows, and certain arrows for children's bows, are exempt.

The flush tax

The "flush tax", which was established in 2004, was doubled from $30 per year to $60 per year in 2012. This means every resident in Maryland is paying around $5 per month more than the rest of us just to go to the bathroom. 

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