Retirement planning: are old methods good enough for the 21st Century?

Retirement planning: are old methods good enough for the 21st Century?

It is generally thought that saving for retirement is as simple as getting a good job, work for almost 30 years, save money and build a pension. Then, once you retire, all you do is enjoy the fruit of your effort. But does that work in this day and age? Plus, take a look at the best 5 post retirement jobs.

More and more people are starting to understand retirement as building a second career instead of building savings. Whether it is because the stock market blew up and took all their life savings, the extended life expectancy or just out of boredom, more people are feeling the need to start working again out of necessity. This is a reality.

Having a second career or a post-retirement job is a good idea, not only economically speaking, but also because of how rejuvenating and energizing it can be. Actually, a lot of people see this as the opportunity to build a career they love, as opposed to having chosen a career that paid well during the regular working years.

Effective retirement planning includes not only saving money, which is definitely a huge part of the deal, but also deciding how you want to live your life. As we are likely to live longer, we need to consider that we might not want to sit around doing nothing. On the contrary, we are probably going to want to feel useful, active and vital.

Whenever you start planning your retirement, you need to take into account these factors as well. There are many post-retirement jobs that you can consider. The 21st Century has redefined the way we see life, so retirement planning should include who you want to be and what steps you need to take to get there. Focus not only on your savings but also in building a second career you’d enjoy. 


You spend most of your working life dreaming about the day you retire and start living your life in a relaxed way. And it is a perfect plan, but it can be boring. Getting a post-retirement job might be the solution. The average retirement age is between 65 and 70 and most workers have that number in mind, but there is a troubling trend pushing older workers out of their jobs before they reach that age. 

You have to carefully plan your retirement fund so you have a nice income for when you retire, but you also need to consider that money is not all there is. As you retire, you will find yourself with a lot of free time and you are definitely going to make the most out of it, but as life expectancy extends, so does the time you spend as a retiree.

Here are a few post-retirement options for you to keep yourself busy and feeling good:

1. Become a consultant

You have probably spent most of your life working in the same industry, so by the time you retire your know all the secrets and perks, you have connections and you know the ups and downs. You can capitalize on that and become a consultant. You can actually start while you are still working, to see how it goes. You will have your client portfolio and you can decide how many hours you work and how much you charge for it. 

2. Write

If this is something you like, there are many ways for you to become a freelance writer. You will get some extra money, manage your hours and keep your creativity level at a high level, which is ultimately a great perk.

3. Pour Wine at a Wine Store

There is no need to be a sommelier, as long as you are passionate about wine. This is a relaxed, easygoing job that will get you talking to people and not only earning some money while you do something fun but also getting discounts on the wine sold there.

4. Become a Tutor

You can put your knowledge to work by becoming a tutor. You will make money, manage your hours and keep your schedule. And it is always gratifying to teach. One perk of this job is that you can do it in person or online, so you can decide which one suits you best.

Retiring does not mean you need to stop being productive. It is a great time to start doing things you always thought of doing but hardly ever had the time to do it. It is the best time to see all the effort you made throughout your life pay off!

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