Five great post-retirement job opportunities

Five great post-retirement job opportunities

Most of the people are not actually eager to retire once they've reached the age of retirement. If you are about to turn 65, take a look at the top 5 post-retirement jobs and rethink your plans!

Although many workers are looking forward to retire and never work again, others aren't quite sure if they are ready for it. As life expectancy expands, you may reach the retiring age and still want to keep on working.

Keeping a job after your retirement age does not only mean you will have an income for a few more years, but it will also grant you health insurance benefits. Moreover, working for longer will also postpone taking Social Security benefits. This means that you will receive more money once you actually decide to retire.

So, you may want to rethink your retirement plans. But, do you know what options you have? Take a look at the best five opportunities that will allow you to keep on working and doing what you like most!

1- Stay at your current job

Even though you have reached the retirement age, you can still negotiate with your current employer to make some adjustments and stay a bit longer.

This could be considered as a win-win situation, as you will keep doing the job you like and your employer will count with your experience for a few more years. You may even have enough time to properly train your successor!

When negotiating, analyze which options suit you better. For example, switching to part-time hours, reducing your responsibilities or even working from home.

2. Coach younger adults

You can share your experience and wisdom with younger adults! They need your knowledge to learn and improve in their jobs, so you can become their mentor and offer them a helping hand. You can either do this for free or charge for it and even gain some extra money.

If you like being a coach you can get a certification and become a professional career or personal coach.

3. Work for a Nonprofit organization

Although this option may not include a salary, helping others by doing what you love can be truly rewarding.

Start by volunteering at a nonprofit organization event, get to know them and then offer to work with them. Your experience and know-how can be really helpful.

4. Become a consultant

You have been working for years and know your industry like the back of your hand, so you can capitalize your knowledge and become a consultant.

Start by doing some networking selling your services as a consultant. This way, your colleagues in the industry can contact you and even recommend you.

5. Become a substitute teacher

If you always wanted to teach and you never had the chance to do it, then it is time! The best way is to start as a substitute teacher.

Take into account that it will probably not be day-by-day gig, but you will also enjoy having some free time.  

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