scout girl sells crazy the amount of 32,000 cookies, find out her motivation!

Scout girl sells the crazy amount of 32,000 cookies, find out her motivation!

8-year-old girl and cancer survivor raises a huge amount of money by selling her scout cookies, check it out!

Her name is Lilly Bumpus and she's from San Bernardino, California. She might as well start being considered as a girl heroine after breaking the national record of selling out the crazy amount of 32,484 boxes, including 5,000 donation boxes that will go to fellow childhood cancer warriors in the hospitals, to help feed the homeless in her community. 

All Lilly had in her mind was to help her community

Another incredible fact about this restless little girl is that last year she celebrated seven years of being cancer-free after being born with cancer. Something that definitely adds more importance to her actions.

Her mother, Trish Bumpus is of course extremely proud of her daughter and recently told the media how  Lilly never saw her completed task as something impossible, expressing how blown away she was to see all the support they gave to her daughter:

"Lilly has always been blessed with the community of supporters she's had with her, but for the first time, the world saw she had her own voice, her own mission, her own site that is bigger than cancer. She just needed a space to do her own thing, and this was it.

She does not like somebody telling her something is not possible. When I told her at the beginning of the season how tough it would be to sell this year, she told me, 'Nothing is impossible if everybody chose to make it possible.' "

Bumpus broke the record of most amount of cookies sold in one season

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