Quote of the Best Friend day: Friendship is like money, easier made than kept. – Samuel Butler

Samuel Butler was an English writer, composer and philologist, mainly known for his utopian satire Erewhon and his novel The Way of All Flesh.

Have you ever met someone and felt a special connection, but as the days go by, it has faded? Or even a friendship from long ago, and from one day to the next everything changes? It has happened to all of us, it's more common than you think, maybe because of apathy, or lack of initiative, there are many reasons, but it always brings up an unpleasant feeling.

Friendship is like a plant, you need to take care of it and make it grow for it to be resilient. It's the same thing about money. Not only need to have many ways to make money, you need to find a way to save it, so it doesn't fade away in your hands, and this can cost you even more effort than earn it.

Every day we come across every single thing that may seem attractive, that we feel we want or that seems to be an interesting option to acquire, and this can become a huge temptation. So how can we make sure we save money instead of spending it?

The smartest thing to do is to look for the big savings first. If you focus on the biggest savings first, you should be able to save thousands of dollars per year and begin to really get ahead. After you've learned how to benefit from the biggest saving tips, you can then move on to the smaller ones and see if you can add more to your savings as you progress. The biggest savings can be found by looking at saving money on your groceries, car, credit and home. 

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