A quote from MJ DeMarco you must read

Your choices are made in a moment, but their consequences will transcend a lifetime. 

MJ DeMarco is an entrepreneur author of The Millionaire Fastlane.

Sometimes when we're living life to the fullest, we forget about prudence and we make decisions impulsively, according to how we feel at the time. This is not always bad, but there are decisions that definitely require more care when they are made, because they can bring irreparable consequences.

There are crucial moments in our lives that make a before and after. And they mostly depend on some decisions we've made. Therefore, it is essential that we are as emotionally and intellectually prepared as possible for any situation we may face, which implies that we have wisdom when deciding time comes.

Making good decisions is a method that must be learned. It's one of the small changes on your daily basis that will help you succeed, and it's not something with which we are innately born, but merely a step by step process that is usually ascertained from life experience.

Most adults know that experience can be a costly, ineffective teacher that teaches more bad habits than good; and because decisions can vary so obviously from one situation to the next, the experience gained from making one important decision is oftentimes of little or no use when another decision-making problem arises.

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