With which of his rivals will Elon Musk travel into space?

In recent weeks there is a race to start space tourism and before Jeff Bezos travels on July 20, Richard Benson has already done it and now Elon Musk has bought a ticket to take a trip with the company of a rival. What spaceflight company is it?

Space tourism is something we've been talking about a lot and the latest news is that Elon Musk will travel into space aboard a rival's spaceship. What company are we talking about?

Things are going well for Richard Branson because he has been able to get ahead of Jeff Bezos in space travel and now his other rival, Elon Musk, has already bought a ticket to travel with Virgin Galactic.

Richard Branson must be very happy and not just because his space trip was a success, but because he managed to fly before Jeff Bezos and because Elon Musk is already on the waiting list of passengers who will travel with Virgin Galactic.

Among Elon Musk’s companies is SpaceX, which makes him a rival of the owner of Virgin Galactic, so we could say that Branson has scored three points this week: his flight was successful, he beat Bezos, and Musk is already among the 600 travelers who have already bought a ticket.

The information comes from The Wall Street Journal, which published an official statement from Virgin Galactic, whose spokesperson said that Musk bought a ticket.

It is known that Virgin Galactic sells the tickets for $ 250,000 dollars, but what is not known is the reason that leads Musk to travel with the competition, since he could do it with his own company SpaceX.


Perhaps Musk is doing it to see first-hand the process of his competitor and to improve it but, anyway, it is a good signal for the company and future travelers that Musk bought his ticket and that the trip went well, even though Bezos's company pointed out that the Virgin Galactic trip does not actually reach the space and that the aircraft is much more polluting than the Origin Blue rocket.

Elon Musk was present at Sunday's event and congratulated Branson on his "magnificent flight," he said on Twitter.

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