Will you receive a stimulus check if you are a Non-citizen who pays taxes?

Last week, negotiations regarding a new relief bill that would include a second stimulus check, went back and forth between as White House and House Democrats made an effort to strike a deal before the elections. If approved, will this group receive a direct payment?  

After the president ordered a halt to the talks last Tuesday, White House officials presented on Friday a 1.8 trillion proposal, which, among other measures, includes a stimulus check of $ 1200 and $ 1000 per dependent.

If this proposal is approved, the same guidelines as the first check will be followed to determine who will receive the money.

When the CARES Act was passed, it was established that people who are qualified resident aliens, with a valid Social Security number, could receive a stimulus check, but nonresident aliens could not.

This, however,  is not the case in the Blue party proposal, the HEROES Act, which seeks to include these people among the beneficiaries.

This last legislation provides for people who are not citizens but who pay taxes with an ITIN or Taxpayer Identification Number to be eligible for the aid.

Americans married to ITIN immigrants, filing jointly and their US-born children will also qualify to receive the payment. These US citizens had previously been left out.

It remains to be seen whether both parties can reach an agreement, but if so, both parties believe a stimulus check is necessary. The inclusion of this group, among the eligible people will depend on which of the proposals wins the pulse.

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