"Why the U.S Unemployment Benefit system is better than Canada’s?"

"Why the U.S Unemployment Benefit system is better than Canada’s?"

"Dr. Chhoda compares the unemployment benefit system in the United States and compares it with the $2000/month in Canada under the CERB program."

About the video: 

"Compared to Canada, unemployment benefits in the United States pay more and last longer because:

1. $2000 CAD is equivalent to $1531 USD. The average state benefit in the United States is $333 a week, which is $1332 a month PLUS the federal booster (previously $600/week for several months, currently $300/$400 a week since 45 states have been approved and 5 states have started paying)

2. The $600/week federal booster was stacked ON TOP OF the state unemployment benefit system until July 31, 2020 providing a grand total of $4000 a month (average) from April through July 2020 (in Canada you can have EITHER the state benefit OR the $2000/month CAD - the two CANNOT be stacked)

3. The Canadian $2000/month under the CERB program lasts for a maximum of 28 weeks, but the state benefit in the US lasts for an average of 39 weeks (including extended benefits)

4. The Canadian $2000/month ends on October 3, 2020 but the US PUA program lasts until December 31, 2020."


If you want to see more Dr. Nitin Chhoda videos, here's his YouTube Channel.

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