Who should not claim a stimulus check that has not arrived?

While the IRS tries to contact almost 9 million people who have not claimed their payment, and there are only two weeks until the deadline to do so, there are other people who are not eligible for payment. Who are they?

If you were waiting to receive a check and it has not arrived, the IRS enabled the online tool “Non-filers” to claim outstanding checks. However, before doing that process, make sure none of the descriptions below apply to you.

If there is a second round of payments, these conditions could be modified but, according to the CARES Act, which established the eligibility conditions for the first stimulus check, the following groups are excluded:

• Individual taxpayers with an adjusted gross adjusted income or AGI of $ 99,000 or more.

• Heads of household with an adjusted gross income or AGI of $ 136,500 or more.

• Married couples filing jointly with an adjusted gross income or AGI of $ 198,000 or more.

• Non-resident foreigners, according to the provisions of the federal government.

• People without a Social Security number that is valid for employment.

• People serving time in prison.

• People who died since the previous tax filing.

• Marriages, filing jointly, in which one of the spouses does not have legal status.

If none of the above cases apply to you, you must use the IRS online “Non-filers” tool to provide your personal data to the agency and be able to receive the check before the end of the year.

Those eligible people who do not meet the November 21 deadline to provide this information will have to wait until next year to claim the payment.

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