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Who says a new stimulus check may not be approved before the election?

While the White House and House Democrats still cannot reach an agreement, the debate over the nomination of the Supreme Court's substitute Ruth Bader Ginsburg further delays the chances of the Senate passing a package. There are 5 statements that suggest that it might not happen before the election.

With just hours to go until US President Donald Trump presents his nominee to the Supreme Court, following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, voices are mounting that a new relief package including stimulus checks is highly unlikely to be delivered before elections.

Financial experts cited by Forbes do not see an encouraging outlook regarding the chances that Congress will dive into the legislative process to make way for new aid.

For Adam Crisafulli, founder of Vital Knowledge, the looming debate over the vacancy in the highest US justice forum "will formally eliminate any opportunities that may exist for fiscal stimulus before the elections."

In the same line of thought is Stefanie Miller, CEO of FiscalNote Markets, who consider that the discussion about the transition in the Supreme Court is a "death sentence for relief from COVID-19 before the elections."

Trump plans to announce this Saturday his candidate to replace Ginsburg in the Supreme Court. If confirmed by the Senate, where the appointment must be evaluated, the composition of that court would tilt to the right with only three judges taking more progressive positions than the other six conservatives. In view of the above, the process of confirming the substitute requires an in-depth approach from the members of that legislative body and would take up much of their time ahead of the November 3 elections.

This reality has also been acknowledged by Republicans themselves, such as Senator Mike Braun, who said, as quoted by USA Today, that he thinks "it is increasingly difficult" to evaluate a new legislative package.

Senator John Cornyn also joined the list of politicians who do not see possibilities for the approval of new aid soon, since, in his opinion, the debate for the "supreme" chair "adds complexity" to the discussions in the Senate. "We do not have all the time," said the Republican.

“What we need to focus on right now, which seems to be getting out of hand, is the opportunity to have another package on how to get people back to school, how to get them back to their jobs, how to get them back to care centers and better health, "said the legislator.

For his part, Democratic Senator Chris Coons questioned reporters on Capitol Hill on Monday about the negligence of majority spokesman in that body, Mitch McConnell, regarding the issue.

“We should be focusing on relief from the pandemic. Is this possible? ”He declared.

“Six months ago, we unanimously passed a bipartisan pandemic relief act (CARES Act). Four months ago, the House acted (HEROES Act). Majority Leader (Mitch) McConnell hasn't even been in the negotiations; So, how do we close that gap? It escapes me,” he argued.

In fact, McConnell has not been heard this week speak on the issue.

However, shortly after the announcement of the death of Judge Bader Ginsburg, the Republican leader promised to put the candidate Trump selects to a vote.

It remains to be seen if that issue can be resolved as soon as possible and Congress refocuses on the possible stimulus package.

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