Where can you fly to this week for only $ 49

Where can you fly to this week for only $ 49

Every day thousands of people receive the Covid-19 vaccine and that is why the CDC has said that for those who are already vaccinated it is safe to travel. If you are in that group, where will Southwest take you this week for only $ 49?

For the last 12 months, many people have stopped traveling because the economic situation has been difficult and others have chosen not to do so because of the risk of getting infected. But as Americans are receiving the vaccine, a well-deserved vacation seems to be closer and Southwest is offering flights at only $49 to attract passengers again.

Slowly, things that were common before, such as traveling, today are starting to be a possibility again. If you are comfortable with travelling, where will Southwest take you this week for just $ 49?

The sale comes after the CDC said vaccinated people can travel at low risk, and updated its guidance to say that people who are fully vaccinated can travel with low risk of catching and spreading COVID-19.

This means that you may be able to take advantage of Southwest's regular flight sales again, and the budget-friendly carrier just launched a big one on Tuesday.

From now through April 8 at 11:59 pm, Southwest is offering a nationwide sale with discounted one-way flights to destinations across the country.

You can choose among many cheap fares to travel between April 20 and June 30, 2021.

Southwest has got information on local advisories and restrictions, as well as its own promise to keep customers safe with routine sanitation, mask policies, and precautionary tips.

According to Thrillist, these are some of the best deals Southwest's sale page:

Atlanta to Nashville (and vise versa) for $49
Baltimore to Charlotte (and vise versa) for $49
Chicago to Memphis (and vise versa) for $49
Chicago to Nashville (and vise versa) for $49
Fresno to Las Vegas (and vise versa) for $49
Houston to New Orleans (and vise versa) for $49
Los Angeles to Las Vegas (and vise versa)for $49
Los Angeles to San Francisco (and vise versa) for $49
Memphis to Atlanta for (and vise versa) for $49
Phoenix to Palm Springs (and vise versa) for $49
Pittsburgh to Chicago for (and vise versa) for $49
Portland, Maine to Baltimore (and vise versa) for $49
San Diego to San Francisco (and vise versa) for $49

Remember to double check the sale's fine print, play attention to blackout dates, as well as Southwest's cancelation and refund policy.

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