When does Biden think that Congress will agree on stimulus checks?

Although there are people who are still in time to claim their first stimulus check before November 21, the vast majority of Americans have already received it, spent it, and are waiting for Congress to approve a new direct payment. When has Biden said this could happen?

President-elect Joe Biden said this week that the second round of stimulus checks is more likely after Donald Trump leaves the White House.

On Wednesday, in the middle of a virtual discussion with health workers on the front line, Biden considered that reaching an agreement on new stimulus payments will be easier starting next year since Republicans will not have the pressure of Trump on their shoulders.

Biden, who will be sworn in on January 20, added that the second round of checks will be a priority once he takes office.

Two days before saying this, Biden shared a tweet on his account in which he also mentioned the need for financial aid.

“Right now Congress should come together and pass a COVID relief package like the HEROES Act that the House passed six months ago,” Biden said at a press conference. "Once we shut down the virus and deliver economic meat to workers and businesses, then we can start to build back better than before," he said on Twitter.

While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell insists on a package of about $ 500 billion, that figure is well below the one supported by the Pelosi-led Democrats: $ 2.2 trillion.

Negotiations between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House official Steven Mnuchin, have not been resumed after the elections.

McConnell, who prior to the election had been absent and quite silent from the public debate on the issue, now appears to be in charge of the negotiations, while the White House has taken a back seat.

In January, in addition to having a Democratic president, there could be a Senate without a Republican majority, if the two seats that are decided in Georgia turn out to be for the blue party. If so, the House would have a Democratic majority and the Senate would be distributed 50- 50, giving Biden's party much greater decision-making power.

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