When could the IRS could begin to issue the third stimulus check?

When could the IRS could begin to issue the third stimulus check?

With Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial behind them, Democrats are moving to pass another coronavirus relief package before the end of February. How long could it take for the third stimulus check that is included in the plan to arrive?

After the acquittal of Donald Trump, Congress and President Joe Biden have turned their full attention to pushing the $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan through, before key unemployment programs expire on March 14.

House panels have advanced important parts of the bill, including $ 1,400 direct payments, an extension of unemployment programs, and payments to families with children, and now the Budget Committee is set to combine them into one mammoth proposal in the coming days.

How long could the third stimulus check take to reach American homes?

The IRS and the Treasury Department already have a quick method for delivering stimulus checks and the second round began shipping within days after former President Donald Trump signed the December stimulus bill.

The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, which provided the second EIP, established that the check had to be sent within a period of 17 days, but on that occasion, there were errors that delayed delivery. The agency made many mistakes when making deposits, and now people who did not receive the stimulus check money will have to claim it as part of their 2020 tax return.

On this occasion, everything seems to indicate that, as soon as it is approved, the IRS will automatically send a third stimulus check to the recipients who received the second stimulus check, for there are problems that have been solved and that will not happen again.

Once the Covid relief bill is enacted by President Biden, it will likely take about three weeks for all the checks to be issued. During the first week, direct deposits will be made automatically, during the second week, paper checks will be sent, and during the third week, EIP prepaid cards will be sent.

The best way to ensure prompt delivery of this new direct payment is to file your tax return electronically and opt for direct deposit for your refund.

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