What will happen with student loan borrowers who are struggling to make ends meet?

While the second week of congressional talks is reaching its end, millions of student loan borrowers are anxiously waiting for news regarding whether additional or extended student loan relief will be part of the new relief bill.

The CARES Act, which was passed in March,  provided substantial relief to student loan borrowers by suspending payments, interest, and collections on all government-held federal student loans. 

But this student loan relief ends on September 30th and this month, the U.S. Department of Education will start sending out notices to millions of borrowers to let them know that payments will have to be resumed soon. Many Americans, however, remain in difficult positions and are waiting to see if new aid is on the way.

Meantime, even though Covid-19 cases rise, most colleges that plan to have some form of in-person instruction in the fall are implementing strict safety measures for students returning to campus.

The great majority of U.S. colleges, almost 90%, plan to combine in-person and online learning this coming semester, according to an Institute of International Education report. 

The colleges that will see students return have prioritized increased safety measures, including mandatory mask rules, social distancing and event guidelines, and the postponement of study abroad programs. Some will require a two-week quarantine before school and a Covid-19 test immediately upon arrival.

While college students remain expectant, President Trump recently suggested his administration could extend the CARES Act’s student loan relief unilaterally, without Congress. But he has not confirmed this yet.

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