What to look for in a Cash Envelope Wallet

Having a Cash Envelope Wallet can help you a lot when budget planning. However, there are many different features it can have, so you may want to sort out first which are the ones you need.


The basic and most important element you’ll need is, obviously, envelopes. You can have clips, rubber bands, actual envelopes, or small packages, as long as you can use them to organize your bills in a specific order. Once you have it categorized in different fields where you’ll spend your money, you can start adding extra features.


You should figure these out based on how you’ll organize your money. You can divide your expenses into different categories separated with raised or subtle tab dividers. The most common fields to sort out your money are groceries, gas, hygiene, and unexpected costs. Depending on your habits and household spendings you may add other categories!


Each category needs to be separated from the others. It should be easy for you to switch from one to another with each purchase. Some people find that using color codes helps them the most, while others would rather have plastic or paper tabs with the name of each category. As long as they help you stay organized, you can choose whichever material you like!


When it comes to safety, you should have a way to secure your cash envelopes in place with something like a ring binder adapter. There are also ways to hold the wallet to your wrist or the inside of your backpack, in order to avoid someone taking it away from you. Some Cash Envelope Wallets include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking as additional security.


You can choose an accordion-style Cash Envelope Wallet, which is easy to use and keeps your bills organized. There are also waterproof wallets that would protect your money in case your backpack gets wet. 


If you want to turn your wallet into one fit for the Cash Envelope System, you can turn on your DIY skills! Start by making some dividers out of plastic, paper, or cloth. Don’t forget to measure them so they’ll fit your wallet! Afterward, creating custom labels isn’t hard, you’ll just need a marker and a way to laminate them if you want to.

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