Stimulus check update

What has Biden said about a post-election stimulus check

Despite the fact that the votes have not finished counting and that Trump is going to legally fight to remain president, the media already consider Joe Biden president-elect. What has the future president said about a second stimulus check?

Democratic President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday said that Americans are in desperate need of stimulus and another round of checks "right now", according to Newsweek.

"I would hope the president at least has the sensitivity and knowledge to know a lot of people are in real trouble between now and the time we get sworn in," he said at a press conference.

It is uncertain, however, if President Donald Trump's administration will now move forward with plans for another coronavirus relief package and a second stimulus check. Prior to November 3,  the president has publicly asked Congress to pass a new bill and that would have probably increased his chances of being re-elected. But with these results, it may no longer be a priority.

Biden, during his campaign, did outline a stimulus plan which included more direct payments to Americans "should condition require," though it was not specified how many checks there would be or how much money would be involved.

Congress is back in session but both sides have still not been able to iron out differences, though Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell said this week that more aid is necessary but his opinión has always been that targeted help is needed

The second round of stimulus checks, however,  could still come this year, but for this to happen, Congress must approve another spending bill before December 11, which is the deadline to pass the next federal budget.

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