Receive the second stimulus check sooner

What can you do to receive the second stimulus check sooner?

Last week Republicans tried to pass a reduced relief bill that did not include a second stimulus check. Both parties have, however, said they supported a new direct payment. While we wait for Congressmen to reach a deal to bring help to struggling Americans, what can you do now to receive the check as soon as a new relief package is passed?  

Although negotiations regarding a new relief bill are at what House Speaker Nina Pelosi called a “tragic impasse”, because Democrats and White House officials haven’t been able to agree over the total cost of the package, both parties do support a second stimulus check to help millions of Americans in need and an economy that seems far from recovering.

“The president supports exactly the same amount of money that was turned in during the first round of checks. There are some minor changes to allow more people to receive it… and in discussions with the Democrats they have agreed on that concept, ”Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told reporters Aug. 1, as reported by the New York Times.

Direct payment, this time, should reach American households faster since the Internal Revenue Service already has the information collected to send the first stimulus check and has been working on ways to fix the problems the first round of payments encountered.

While the final deal is reached, there are two steps you can take to ensure that federal money reaches you as soon as possible, once payment has been enacted.

The first step is to update your information in the IRS 'Get My Payment' tool.

In the application, you can provide your account number and thus be sure to be included in direct deposits. In the first shipment, bank deposits got to accounts in a couple of days, much sooner than checks got to US mailboxes.

The second step is to file the 2019 tax return if you haven't already done so. Pay special attention not to make mistakes in your filing information, since this could delay the sending of the money. In no case should a duplicate declaration be sent?

The Senate returned to work last week while the House returns in mid-September, so an agreement could be reached in the next days and a check could be sent during this month, as experts have said repeatedly the risk not sending a second check means for the American economy.

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