Want to save some money during spring? how about washing your car on your own!

Want to save some money during spring? how about washing your car on your own!

Spring is the time of new beginnings, of hope and of wishing to have a good financial situation, so here's a good alternative on how to make that happen!

One good thing about spring is that it lets us spend more time outside, be more comfortable in our bodies and do outdoor things that are simply impossible to do during winter. One of those things is to take care of our homes and cars on our own. 

This might seem boring to you but when you start thinking about the amount of money you will keep in your pocket every month, those extra dollars doesn't seem to be a bad idea when it comes to washing your own car. 

Taking care of your car by yourself is not that hard

There are also a number of tips that will be very useful to you in order to take  good care of your car and at the same time save money while doing so. Here are some of them, so make yourself comfortable wherever you are and keep reading:

Get a Checkup for Your Car

A complete car checkup includes inspecting the levels and condition of fluids and filters, hoses and belts, the battery connection, the brake system, and interior and exterior lighting. But don't be intimidated by all this, if you want to tackle this on your own go ahead and buy an auto-repair manual, It will help you all the way through and you will even learn something new.

Being able to skip a visit to the mechanic and the good amount of money that it costs to do that will make you feel that is totally worth it to do it by yourself and it will also give you self-motivation.

Washing your car is one of the things that you can do on your own

Remove Dead Leaves and Debris

This is an easier task since it doesn't require a lot of auto mechanics logic. From time to time make sure to clean all of the leaves and trash that may have been stuck under your car, under your hood or, along your roof crevices. This will avoid hurting your the performance of your vehoicle and driving in a safer way.

Check the Tire Pressure

Another task that is almost mandatory for every car owner if they want to skip any future problems. The cold temperatures of winter could have caused your tire pressure to drop. Tires that are underinflated could reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy. Remember that auto repair manual that we advised you to get? it will be an amazing help to find out what should be the proper pressure for your tires. 

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