Unemployment update

Unemployment update: States approved 3 weeks more $300 extension

"Unemployment Extension and Unemployment Benefits have been halted in States with poor Fraud prevention or broken systems. Some backlogged since President Trump signed the Cares Act back in March 2020."

About the video:

"Hey everyone, Andrew Cartwright here with your unemployment update.

Find out which state’s secretary resigns after thousands of unemployment claims are backlogged, which state is halting unemployment claims for 2 weeks, and which state was approved for 3 additional weeks of the unemployment boost.

Up first, the Wisconsin secretary resigns after failing to address the massive backlog of unprocessed unemployment benefits that left so many without receiving their pay.

Caleb Frostman resigned after the governor of Wisconsin Tony Evers called for his resignation.

Governor Evers had been facing criticism for months after thousands of claims were left unprocessed since the pandemic started in March.

Other states are also facing similar issues where Washington had to even call the National Guard to process applications.

Since his resignation on Friday, 100,000 Wisconsin residents were in process as of Saturday.

Up next, California is halting all new unemployment claims for 2 weeks while the state adopts new fraud prevention technology.

Apparently, Newsom appointed a so-called “strike team” that recommended them to pause on new claims.

The team was created back in July to help create long term solutions.

Sharon Hilliard, Director of Employment Development Department said, “New claimants should not see a delay in benefits payments and in fact many of them will actually get their payments faster as they avoid the older time intensive ID Verification process.”

The department has been struggling with outdated technology while they combat all the claims coming through.

“It has 1.6 million pending claims that require eligibility verification, and it does not expect to work through them until late January.”

The new system will solve this and a bunch of other problems people are having with filing and getting verification.

Hopefully, this problem that's been occurring for years and can be fixed in 2 weeks.

And finally, the great state of Michigan is going to receive an additional $900 after they were approved for another 3 weeks of the weekly $300 unemployment benefits.

That’s a total of 6 weeks and is the final round for federal assistance expected. That brings it to a total of $1,800.

The state expects to process the second wave of payments next week and will take about 10 days to complete payments.

If you’re in Alaska, Delaware, D.C, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wsiconsin, hang in there, your $1,800 or $2,400 is coming soon!

To everyone else across America, you should be receiving your LWA unemployment benefits, or you’ve already received your 6 weeks on funds from the Feds

To all the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors or 1099 workers even side hustles and part time gigs, you are eligible for the PUA and can actually collect these unemployment funds

This new system was designed specifically for YOU thanks to the CARES Act, so make sure to take advantage of this amazing government program before they run out of money

Check with your state’s unemployment and PUA guidelines, tell them the truth, and get the money that you deserve in your bank account within days of approval!

Thank you so much for watching, please keep sharing your experiences with the PUA and unemployment benefits in your state."

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