Unemployment benefits: The truth behind the numbers in 2020

"FPUC $600 weekly enhancement to unemployment benefits, which everyone should already be familiar with and set precedent this year for enhanced unemployment. This was applied retroactively at the end of March and went out until Jul 31, 2020, and applied to anyone that lost their job due to the pandemic and was collecting as little as $1 per week from unemployment."

About the video:

"LWA or the Lost Wages Assistance program reallocated $44 billion from FEMA’s DRF to this enhanced unemployment benefit program. All states approved for LWA, their unemployed would receive $300 per week on top of their unemployment UNLESS the state wanted to contribute extra, which we saw Kentucky, West Virginia, Montana and the US territory of Guam do in announcing they would contribute an additional $100 per week to the LWA program so their unemployed receive $400 per week.

This would be applied retroactively from the last week of July when FPUC expired and would cover 3 weeks “up to” 6 weeks depending on the availability of funding. Some states have received the full 6 weeks of payments covering the last week of July until the first week of September, while others have received less.

Unlike FPUC which provided an additional $600 per week on top of unemployment to anyone who collected as little as $1 per week from unemployment benefits and lost their job due to the pandemic. In order to receive LWA you must collect $100 or more per week from your unemployment benefits before taxes and some states enforced the FPUC rule of having lost your job due to the pandemic.

As the pandemic continues in 2020 so will enhanced unemployment benefits. So very soon we will likely see FPUC 2 an extension in a stimulus package agreement or if we do not see that soon we will LWA 2 in a second executive action from the president.

Stimulus negotiations currently are very close regarding FPUC. Democrats are suggesting we pick up the first week of September and go until the end of the year retroactively once again at $600 per weeks. Republicans on the other hand most recently proposed we pick up the second week of September and go until the end of the year at $400 per week. We have heard their will be an agreement this week so it is likely we will see something similar to this likely between one of those two numbers.

Now nearly every state has been paid out LWA with the exception of a few and here are my latest updates, and info only on those awaiting payments…

August 21, 2020: California (PAID 4 and 5 weeks; 6 depends on funding)

August 22, 2020: Vermont (PAID 3 weeks; may be more depends on funding)

August 23, 2020: Alaska (Mid October; 6 weeks)

August 25, 2020: Arkansas (PAID 3 weeks; 3 more is to be sent in payments, not sure why not yet)

August 26, 2020: Virginia (delayed until 10/15)

August 28, 2020: Wyoming (PAID 3 week)

September 1, 2020: Wisconsin (Oct 31, 5 weeks)

September 3, 2020: New Jersey (NJDOL said early October; this week the governor said he will be inquiring for more info; viewer made contact…)

September 7, 2020: Kansas (PAID 1 of 5 or 6 weeks; rest may come in payments)

September 8, 2020: Washington DC (PAID 6 weeks)

September 11, 2020: Nevada (Oct 15 to 30 – 3 weeks will be paid, 3 more to follow)

As updates come out, I will be sure to share.

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