Unemployment Update: states leftover money

"State with leftover money can do there own sponsored Unemployment Extension and provide Unemployment Benefits to people in their states."

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"As Trump Unemployment Extension FPUC from the Cares Act and the FEMA extension has run out. We need an Unemployment Extension before the November 3 Election.

But first, the popular B&B Theatres says their months away from filing for bankruptcy as they receive no federal relief.

With Hollywood delaying their films, Brock Bagby, an executive vice president at B&B Theaters, said, “there’s little hope the business can keep running.”

B&B Theatres is the sixth largest cinema chain in the U.S. and due to the government shutdown, they had to spend thousands for repairs as their theaters sat unused for months.

They have been urging for government help but with Cinemas becoming our living rooms they are struggling.

Many theaters are still shut down due to government order.

According to CNBC, “Calfornia has loosened restrictions on movie theaters, but only around 139 of the state’s more than 500 cinemas are open.”

B&B Theatres have adopted a new program to keep people going to the movies in a safe way as we battle that thing out there.

Most of their funds have been allocated to keep the theaters safe.

According to NATO, “in the second quarter around 93% of movie theater companies reported revenue that was down by 75% from a year ago.”

Up next, Colorado is extending its deadline for residents to claim Lost Wages Assistance program payments.

The new deadline to certify your eligibility is October, 26th.

You must certify in order to receive up to $1,800 for the weeks of July 26th and September 5th.

FEMA gave Colorado $553 million for people on unemployment through the LWA program.

Of that money, the labor department has only given out $350 million in payments forcing them to extend the certification process.

I urge all the residents in Colorado if you haven’t signed up yet for the weekly $300 boost in unemployment benefits now is the chance too.

And finally, so many people in the comments are letting me know that New Jersey has finally released the date on when residents can start to receive their $300 weekly boost in unemployment benefits.

The Labor Department said payment will be made as a lump sum and are expected the week of October 19th.

If you already applied for unemployment you don’t have to do anything and if you haven’t certified, what are you waiting for.

It took the Governor weeks to decide to apply for the benefit back in August.

I’m so glad that they have at least given you all a date.

To all of the gig-workers, self-employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustlers, and part-time gigs, The PUA was made just for you, and you could be eligible for these unemployment benefits even without paying into the system.

Check with your state’s unemployment and PUA guidelines, be as honest as possible and tell them the truth, and you can get the money that you deserve in your bank account within days of approval!

Thank you so much for watching, please keep sharing your experiences with the PUA and unemployment benefits in your state"

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