Unemployment LWA update

Unemployment LWA, new payments out

LWA or the lost wages assistance program applied retroactively from the last week of July when FPUC expired and would cover 3 weeks “up to” 6 weeks depending on the availability of funding.

About the video:

"Today I will be providing an LWA update. This is for those that are still waiting to receive that 3 to 6 weeks of $300 per week LWA enhanced unemployment boost from the Presidents executive memo back in August. For the majority of claimants you’ve probably already received that benefit and this video is irrelevant to you so I totally understand if you have no interest in this video so if you could just do me favor and support the channel by clicking the like button or saying hi in the comments before clicking off, that is totally fine HOWEVER keep in mind the purpose of these videos and my channel is to help people, and although many have already received LWA many are still waiting and I receive messages daily from people asking me for updates that are in dire situations and I want to make sure that I am here to help them. So this is the purpose of this video today.

LWA Claimants in Florida regularly ask me “we only got 4 weeks, where is the remaining 2 weeks?” Some states have received the full 6 weeks of payments covering the last week of July until the first week of September, while others have received less.

Unlike FPUC which provided an additional $600 per week on top of unemployment to anyone who collected as little as $1 per week from unemployment benefits and lost their job due to the pandemic. In order to receive LWA you must collect $100 or more per week from your unemployment benefits before taxes and some states enforced the FPUC rule of having lost your job due to the pandemic.

All states have received their LWA benefits and many have fully depleted their funds. If you are not in one of the states I read off and you still have not received LWA and you meet all eligibility requirements and were unemployed through the applicable time, you need to contact your state right away.

9 States remaining in no specific order:

Virginia update (PAID 6 weeks)

Wisconsin update (they WERE SAYING payments expected to go out Oct 31 HOWEVER NOW it might go into the first week of November; continue pressuring the state to meet their self-imposed deadline)

Kansas update (3rd week of payments is going out. DOL still suggesting a massive disruption from over 45,000 bogus claims in massive fraud scheme.)

New Jersey (the unemployment department has stated 6 weeks of payments will be paid in a lump sum of $1800 “THE WEEK OF” Oct. 19)

Kentucky (Payments are going out; Some viewers are reporting they have received the full 6 weeks while others are saying they still haven’t received anything; continue pressuring the state for payments)

Vermont (VDOL has paid out 3 weeks of payments, 3 more approved which will be distributed once FEMA has fully funded the state; no word on when that will be)

Arkansas (3 weeks have been paid, we last heard that 3 more weeks would be going out; no further info from the state as to when the remaining money will be sent out)

Nevada (first 3 weeks PAY being distributed, the state said it wouldn’t be until Oct 20, so some are receiving their first 3 weeks early; they have also reported 3 more weeks will follow for a total of 6 weeks however no word on when that will be)

Alaska (Payments to begin this week; received word that it will likely be in payments and not a lump sum)

As updates come out, I will be sure to share.

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