Unemployment $300 and $400 per week

Unemployment $300 and $400 per week, LWA update. What's new?

"All states approved for LWA will receive $300 per week except for Kentucky, West Virginia, and Montana (Kansas and Vermont were on the list, now they are saying they won’t be) who have officially announced they will be contributing an additional $100 per week to the LWA program so they're unemployed receive $400 per week."

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"Unemployment $300 & $400 per week LWA update (6 week pay updates!)

Over 30 billion of the 44 billion for LWA funds has already been sent out. FEMA initially only guaranteed 3 weeks of funding; however initial calculations suggested it would last four to seven weeks be depending on participation.

The executive memorandum is only a temporary solution to enhancing unemployment provided by President Donald Trump’s efforts to reallocate funds when congress did not issue new funds.

To be eligible, according to the executive memorandum, you must collect $100 or more per week from your unemployment benefits before taxes to receive LWA. Unlike FPUC where everyone was eligible who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, LWA you must have lost your job due to the pandemic and receive $100 per week or more.

Some states require you recertify so please check with you state to find out what is required. Also, LWA is supposed to be retroactive in a lump sum however some states haven’t been doing this. These are the most current updates I have as of today, but they could change.

Now for the new states approved by FEMA. https://www.fema.gov/fact-sheet/lost-...

Anticipated Distribution dates for states in order from first to last:

August 15, 2020: Arizona (PAID 6 weeks), Iowa (PAID 6 weeks), Louisiana (PAID 5 weeks; 1 more coming), and New Mexico (PAID 5 weeks)

August 16, 2020: Colorado (system issues; some got 3 weeks of 5 weeks), Missouri (PAID 6 weeks) and Utah (PAID 6 week)

August 18, 2020: Oklahoma (next couple days; 6 weeks), Montana (PAID 6 weeks)

August 19, 2020: Maryland (PAID 6 weeks), Idaho (PAID 5 weeks)

August 21, 2020: Massachusetts (PAID 6 weeks), Alabama (PAID 6 weeks), California (PAID 3 weeks 5; applied for 6th), Indiana (UPDATE in a few days; 6 weeks), North Carolina (PAID 6 weeks), Texas (PAID 6 weeks), Kentucky (System issues PAID 2 weeks, more coming), Michigan (PAID 6 weeks, many viewers still waiting)

August 22, 2020: Vermont (Paper checks in mail; 3 weeks), Mississippi (PAID; 6 weeks), Tennessee (PAID 4 weeks; 2 more next week), Rhode Island (PAID 3 of 5 weeks; 4 and 5 going out now)

August 23, 2020: New York (PAID 3 weeks, 3 more approved arriving soon), Alaska (Mid October; no info on weeks), Georgia (PAID 3 weeks; 3 more soon)

August 24, 2020: Connecticut (PAID 6 weeks), Pennsylvania (PAID Only 5 weeks not 6), Washington (Week of 9/21, 5 or 6 weeks), New Hampshire (PAID 6 weeks)

August 25, 2020: Maine (PAID 6 weeks), Arkansas (PAID 1 week, rest could be very delayed, no info on why)

August 26, 2020: Ohio (PAID some 3 of 6 weeks, certifications NOW required), Virginia (9/30, no info on weeks)

August 27, 2020: West Virginia (PAID 6 weeks, $2400 total)

August 28, 2020: Wyoming (PAID 3 week), Oregon (Late Sept; no info on weeks; you need to recertify)

August 29, 2020: Minnesota (PAID 6 weeks), Florida (PAID 4 weeks), Hawaii (Emails to verify eligibility before 9/20; Mid-Sept, 5 weeks)

August 31, 2020: North Dakota (UPDATE PAID 3 weeks so far)

September 1, 2020: Illinois (PAID 3 weeks; 3 more coming soon), Wisconsin (Late Oct, 5 weeks), South Carolina (9/20 or 9/21, 3 weeks)

September 2, 2020: Delaware (PAID 1 week; no info on rest)

September 3, 2020: New Jersey (October, 5 or 6 weeks)

September 7, 2020: Kansas ($63M received, you may need to recertify, Late Sept, no info on weeks)

September 8, 2020: Washing DC (1st week of Oct; 6 weeks), Guam (no info)

September 9, 2020: Nebraska (PAID 3 weeks; maybe more coming)

September 11, 2020: U.S. Virgin Islands (no info), Nevada (no info, 4 to 6 weeks)

As updates come out, I will be sure to share.

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