Turn hobbies into income Turn hobbies into income

Turn hobbies into income

Are you good with craftworks? You can monetize these abilities and sell what you can do online. Starting a business on Etsy is simple, cheap and fun. What are you waiting for? Combine work and pleasure!

There are a lot of people, such as yourself, filled with creativity and with a passion for handmade products. Until now, you may’ve been giving these creations away to your friends and family for free. Today, you can turn into an independent seller and make some extra money.

Etsy is an online platform founded in 2005 as a big marketplace where manufacturers can sell their craftworks to many interested buyers. Nowadays, the website includes more than 66M products and has up to 2.8M active sellers.

Your creations will surely find a place in Etsy, as it includes a wide range of categories. You’ll be able to sell clothing and jewelry, as well as artwork and articles for home decor. As you can see, this big, vibrant community has a place for everyone.

It’s possible that you’re already selling your items in the market. Whether it’s through social networks such as Facebook or Instagram or in some store, Etsy is a very important addition.

The platform provides training and support for all independent sellers who are a part of this community. It connects them with buyers from all around the globe, which opens an endless world of opportunities.

Remember: it’s possible to combine hobbies, creativity and money by selling on Etsy. It’s a good way to monetize your skills in a flexible and easily maintained business.

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