Trump warns impeachment is a ‘tremendous danger’ to U.S.

Trump warns impeachment is a ‘tremendous danger’ to U.S.

On Tuesday, in his first public appearance since the riots on Capitol Hill, far from lowering the intensity of his remarks, the outgoing president once again spoke darkly about the intention to impeach him. What did he say?  

According to CNBC, when Donald Trump spoke about the intention to impeach him, he doubled down on the incendiary rhetoric that incited the Capitol riot. And even though the riot came after he and his family members urged supporters to fight to reverse Joe Biden’s Electoral College win, he claimed that the comments were not harmful.

“People thought what I said was totally appropriate,” Trump told reporters when he was asked what his personal responsibility was for the violence.

In his comments on Tuesday, Trump again used the same type of language, calling the plan “really a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in politics.”

“It’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous,” Trump said in his first comments to the media.

“This impeachment is causing tremendous anger, and you’re doing it, and it’s really a terrible thing that they’re doing,” Trump added, apparently blaming reporters.

“For Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to continue on this path, I think it’s causing tremendous danger to our country, and it’s causing tremendous anger,” he said, and then added: “I want no violence.”

Though he did not openly condemn the actions of his supporters at the Capitol, he did criticize his ban from Twitter and other social media platforms by saying that it was “it causes a lot of problems and a lot of danger. Big mistake. They shouldn’t be doing it.”

When Trump was asked whether he would resign before the end of his term next week, he did not answer.

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