Top 5 most expensive buildings ever built in the USA

Top 5 most expensive buildings ever built in the USA

There are plenty of amazing buildings in the USA. However, some cost a crazy bunch of money to be built. Keep reading to discover the most expensive buildings in the USA. 

There are some really amazing structures in the USA, but some of them are crazy expensive. You won't believe how much these buildings cost. They are jaw-dropping for a reason! It is the amount of money needed to be built. 

They are architectural beauties with an amazing design and plenty of luxury details. Most of them are iconic to the cities in which they are placed. Take a look at the most astonishing constructions. 

1- The One World Trade Center ($3.8 Billion)

The One World Trade Center ($3.8 Billion)

The construction of One World Trade Center started way back in 2006 and was designed by architect David Childs. Construction was completed in 2014 and cost $3.8 billion dollars to build. For that much money, you’d want the building to stand out and be noticed, and with 104 stories and absolutely stunning design, it has the title of America’s tallest building. 

2- Wynn Las Vegas ($2.7 Billion)

Wynn Las Vegas ($2.7 Billion)

The world’s seventh-largest hotel, the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, and Casino. The Hotel itself has over 45 stories, fitting in 2,716 rooms in that space. Costing $2.7 billion to complete, the Wynn Hotel and Casino has many notable features that make it an interesting place to visit.

3- The Palazzo ($1.9 Billion)

The Palazzo ($1.9 Billion)

The Luxury Hotel and Casino has been featured in many films and shows because of its iconic appearance. The Palazzo started construction in 2004, with construction completed in 2007. It cost $1.9 billion to build, and it shows. The Palazzo’s known as one of the biggest hotels in the world, coming second only to the First World Hotel in Malaysia.


4- Bank Of America Tower ($1 Billion)

Bank Of America Tower ($1 Billion)

The Bank of America Tower is located in NYC. The Bank of America Tower started construction way back in 2004 and was designed to be environmentally friendly. This was done by constructing the building with features such as insulated glazing and automated dimming systems. The building’s construction was completed in 2009 and stands as New York’s fourth-tallest building, just below such structures as the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. 

5- The New York Times Tower ($850 Million)

The New York Times Tower ($850 Million)

The Tower started construction in 2003 and was completed in 2007. The 52 story building was designed by Fxfowle Architects and constructed by AMEC Construction Management. The Tower’s design features include several gigantic gardens from the lobby to the roof, especially the roof. The Tower’s design is widely recognized as excellent and for its design, and it won the 2009 architectural award by the American Institute of Architects


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