Top 5 best money apps

Top 5 best money apps

If you want some help with organizing your finances and investments you should check these top 5 money apps that will change the way you manage your financial life. Read on to discover all the details you must know!  

If you have trouble saving money and investing, or perhaps you are not that organized at all you must read this article and discover the best apps that will solve or your financial problems. All the apps on this list have amazing tools that you will find completely useful. 

Money-saving apps use the power of technology to help you effortlessly save and invest. Available through iPhone and Android, these apps can help shift your behavior to help you save, even if you feel like it’s impossible. 

1-  Digit

Digit App

After you connect your checking account to Digit, it looks over your income and spending habits to analyze how much you can save each month. Digit will then transfer money from your checking account to your Digit account, based on what you can safely afford.

Don’t worry though, as Digit has a no overdraft guarantee. This is one of the best money-saving apps out there, as it takes some of the hard work out of saving and does it for you. No more excuses.

2-  SmartyPig

SmartyPig App

SmartyPig is a free online piggy bank that empowers users to save and reach their financial goals. When you sign up with SmartyPig, you link to an external funding source (a bank account), set up a savings goal and track your progress along the way. You can set up recurring contributions or you can fund your SmartyPig account whenever you want.

3- Qapital

Qapital App

This app allows users to save based on their goals and set up rules to make the process more fun. Let’s say you wanted to save for a car or your next getaway. You’d set that as a goal and include a goal amount. Then you get to take advantage of some of the savings rules.

4-  Tip Yourself

Tip Yourself App

The beauty of Tip Yourself is that it’s all about habits and rewarding yourself through saving. In other words, it’s a win-win. You can cultivate positive habits while saving money. Made it to the gym even though you really didn’t want to go? You can tip yourself. Went to bed early for a change? Tip yourself.

5-  Stash

Stash App

You can sign up for an account within two minutes and start investing. You’ll need to hook up your checking account to get started. From there, you can build a portfolio around your investing values. With a low minimum investment of just $5, you can get started and become an investor by putting money into exchange-traded funds.

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