Top 5 best hotels in the USA

Top 5 best hotels in the USA

In this list, you will find the best hotels in the USA. This doesn't mean they are the most expensive, they just have something that makes them special. Read on to discover all the details!

These top 5 best hotels are amazing! They were carefully chosen because they have something that makes them special. By no means they are the most expensive hotels in the USA. Keep reading to discover the top 5 best hotels in the USA!

There are wonderful and exciting hotels in the United States that are great places to consider for a romantic getaway or a well-deserved vacation. There are too many hotel options out there, so here is our favorites list. Consider them on your next vacation.

1- Gramercy Park Hotel

Gramercy Park Hotel

This is a glitzy hotel in the center of New York City that is a favorite place for celebrities to stay in while they visit New York. The rooms have a nice retro feeling combined with contemporary amenities. The exclusive Rose Bar is a favored hangout for the A-list celebs. It has the Maialino, which is a highly-rated Italian restaurant that stays open for late-night dining.

2- Hotel Emma

Hotel Emma

Sitting in a brick brewery building that dates from the 19th century, this charming hotel has a library with close to 4,000 books for those that want to kick back and catch up on their reading of the classics. There is a rooftop pool. The restaurant serves American food and specializes in southwest-flavored dishes.

3- Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel has an art deco style. It can be found in the heart of New Orleans just a short walk from the world-famous French Quarter. It has three extraordinary restaurants. Guest can lounge and relax at the rooftop pool, an exceptional art gallery, a performance space that offers eclectic shows, such as drag performers, for fun entertainment. Other amenities include a traditional barbershop, a coffee house, and many interesting boutique shops.

4- Hicksville Pines Motel

Hicksville Pines Motel

This is a unique place where every room is decorated in a creative way based on a specific theme such as the Dolly Parton room, a room based on John Water’s movies, and a room that has a vibe like the television show Twin Peaks. If guests want to have a special experience sharing legal recreational marijuana they can book the “420” room that has a sunken bed, black-light posters, and hippie-style 1970’s kitsch.

5- Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs

There are wonderful cabins at Dunton Hot Springs to stay in while enjoying a bath in the warm natural springs. This spa is situated right on the stunning Dolores River with plenty of hiking trails to enjoy in the nearby San Juan Mountains. There is a rustic comfort at this hotel with plenty of activities for each season. That includes skiing in winter and trail rides or fly fishing in the summer.

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