This was Dwayne Johnson’s salary for 'Hobbs & Shaw'

Did he amass a fortune or it was less than what he got for other roles? Keep on reading to find out!

After years in the movie business, The Rock knows how much money he can ask for when it comes to his paycheck for a movie. And it wasn’t just any movie but the franchise Fast and Furious, which made tons of money all over the world.

As we have seen with some of the other big names in the movie industry, $20 million is typically the number that they aim for. And Dwayne Johnson was able to get it. Yes, he was paid $20 million for this film.

As the Fast & Furious franchise has been around for over a decade, it wasn’t hard to believe that 'Hobbs & Shaw' was going to be another big hit. This is one of the reasons why the producers didn’t hesitate in giving the actor the money he deserved for the role. 

At the end of the day, the film was not as big a success as some would have thought, but it did not feature other franchise mainstays like Vin Diesel or Michelle Rodriguez. Nevertheless, the film’s $759 million hauls are still considered a total financial success for those involved.

His paycheck for the film was great when compared to the last three salaries he got from the franchise Fast and Furious, for which he was paid $10 million or less, according to sources.

However, this movie didn’t get The Rock his biggest paycheck. For Jumanji: The Next Level Johnson was paid $23.5 million, according to Wonderwall. This was a nice raise for Johnson, although he was already super-rich.

After years in the movie business, it’s clear that few people come close to matching what Dwayne Johnson can do. It will be fascinating to see how his pay will continue to grow from here on out.

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