This is the Kardashians net worth in 2020

This is the Kardashians net worth in 2020

The Kardashians are one of the most powerful families in the show business. They have had a decade with lots of work and lots of money. Unsurprisingly, they started this year much wealthier than they were. Here’s a list of the net worth of some of the members of this family.

1-Khloe Kardashian - $40,000,000

The star "only" has $40,000,000, more than enough money for a lifetime. Her fortune came to her hand in hand with their reality show. She also built up her own empire during this past decade. She has released the clothing line Good American and last year she released the Twisted Sisters, a true-crime show. Obviously, she makes a lot on Instagram, she charged up to $250,000 per post in 2017.

2-Kourtney Kardashian- $45,000,000

 Her net worth is estimated at $45,000,000 in 2019. She also got her fortune thanks to the reality show, and the spinoffs, like Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. 
Of course, she released clothing lines over the last decades and makes a lot of money on Instagram. $250,000 can cost to hire her to make an ad on her account.

3-Kris Jenner -$90,000,000

The matriarch of the family who is often called the momager on social media. Of course, she also collects millions of fans and haters. Many see her as a brilliant mind while others see her just as a very ambitious woman that would do anything for money.

Whether she is hated or loved by people, Kris Jenner has a net worth evaluated at $90,000,000. She went from a staying home wealthy mom to one of the most powerful managers in the show business. 

4-Kim Kardashian -$370,000,000

The 2010s were the years when Kim Kardashian proved to be an excellent entrepreneur and also a person who knows how to manage her image to make lots of money. She’s certainly going to do well in this decade, too!

5-Kylie Jenner - $1,000,000,000

The youngest and wealthiest of the family. In 2019, she entered the Forbes list as the youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 21. Of course, it is easier when you come from a family that is worth millions, but she’s certainly working a lot for herself.

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