This is James Bond star Ana De Armas's net worth.

This is James Bond star Ana De Armas's net worth.

After her small but memorable role in Todd Phillips' War Dogs, her fame and numbers started to go up.

Although the next James Bond movie is delayed for COVID-19 related reasons, Ana De Armas is still in the press due to her relationship with Ben Affleck. 

The attractive Knives Out star has had quite a career in Hollywood so far, and it's this career that's built her a notable $4 million net worth according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The Cuban actress always knew she was going to become a professional actress, so when she was old enough, she moved to Spain, where things started to take off for her. She did a couple of Spanish language films and won herself recurring roles on two major television shows: The Boarding School and Hispania, la leyenda.

When Ana moved to Hollywood in 2014, it was to start her career over from scratch. Eventually, she started taking some auditions and landed a role in a Keanu Reeves-led film, Knock Knock. The erotic thriller was Hollywood's first good look at this Cuban gorgeous actress as well as her truly stunning talents she had.

Her rise in the Hollywood industry was relatively quick. After her role in Knock Knock, Ana took a couple of smaller films that paid her enough to keep herself afloat. In 2016, she won a small but memorable role in Todd Phillips' War Dogs, which starred Miles Teller and Jonah Hill. This is the film that set her up for a major increase in bookings.

Suddenly, everyone wanted to see more of Ana. She got a role in Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 where she showed what she was made of and the audience loved it.

No Time To Die director, Cary Joji Fukunaga, wrote a James Bond role specifically for her. She took the role due to the complexity that was gifted to her.

Of course, after the movie release, she will definitely be receiving a major rise in her net worth!

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