These are the 5 richest TV showrunners

Here’s a list of the 5 most successful and rich TV showrunners and their current net worth.

As the digital age is going more than well, people are constantly watching series mostly via streaming in one of the many platforms there are today in the market. As there are many TV shows of every kind, each of them has to be aware of what their clientele wants to keep them hooked to the show.

That’s when the showrunners get to the scene and save the day, and they are truly rewarded for that with huge paychecks. These are the best, richest TV showrunners and their net worth.

1- Lee Daniels

The Oscar-nominee is the great mind behind movies like Monster's Ball, Precious, The Butler, and more. His current net worth is $20 million.

2- Brad Falchuk

His numerous hit-series, which include Glee, Pose, The Politician, Scream Queens, and American Horror Story gave him huge paychecks at the end of the day. Falchuk is also a seasoned television and movie veteran with production, direction, writing, and showrunner credits. Currently, his net worth is estimated at $20 million.

3-David Benioff

Benioff is much more than a showrunner, he’s also a television producer and a screenwriter. He’s known for his many contributions to cinema and his participation as one of the masterminds behind the adaptation of the hit Game of Thrones. Over the years, he amassed an impressive net worth that today is estimated at $50 million.

4- Tina Fey

She’s definitely a great comedy writer and actress. She was one of the people that came up with the iconic Mean Girls movie. Her transition to TV shows was equally successful, just take a look at 30 Rock and you’ll see her shining not only as an actress but as a screenwriter and producer. Her impressive catalog has today led to a net worth of $65M.

5-Ryan Murphy

Successful television writer Ryan Murphy is yet another one of the masterminds joining his previously mentioned industry pal Brad Falchuk on helming American Horror Story, Scream Queens, American Crime Story, and Pose. The filmmaker is also known for directing the film adaptation of the best-seller Eat, Pray, Love. His current net worth is $100 million.

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