The most expensive outfit Drake has wear

The most expensive outfit Drake has wear

Do you think it's possible to have $1 million in one outfit? I bet you don't... But Drake made it possible!

For a non-US rapper to have made such a mark in hip-hop is one thing, but Drake far surpasses the realms of rap. He was Spotify’s most-streamed artist of the decade, with more than 28 billion streams.

All of his five albums, plus three of his mixtapes, have reached number one in the US Billboard charts and topped charts around the world.

Not surprisingly, his appearance and style are of great importance to his career and even his personal life. So Drake always wears nice outfits that go with his rapping style and also give him a fancy touch.

One of those many was an outfit that he used for a video and had no more and no less than a cost of almost a million dollars. Nothing cheap, eh? Know the details here!

The jacket runs for $11,000

First, Drake showed off his custom Brioni long coat, complete with his name (his real one, which is Aubrey Graham) stitched inside the pocket. The jacket runs for $11,000, imagine finding that at a bar or something. Next, the rapper flaunted his Tom Ford turtleneck and trousers, which together total up to $3,000. The Tom Ford shoes, though, are where the designer gets pricey. The crocodile dress shoes cost a whopping $15,000.

But if you think that is a ton of dough, wait for the accessories. Drake’s diamond chain (which he can often be seen rocking with a turtleneck, as well as in the vid) goes for $200,000, which is more than a down payment on a house. Then, his Richard Mille RM 69 watch comes in and knocks that chain off its game… Because the watch is worth a staggering $750,000.

All together, leveled up to an astronomical $979k

All together, leveled up to an astronomical $979k… Which, yes, is just short of a real million. But knowing Drake, all he needs to do is add another (probably small) piece of bling to really get there.

This particular look marks a turning point for the rapper, not because of its astronomical price tag but due to the no-fuss, high-quality garb. While other rappers are drowning in logos, Drake seems comfortable paring it back. His wardrobe has certainly changed since his early days. He’s gone from beaming ear to ear in bar mitzvah–style bow ties (as the 2015 Grammy Awards) or dressing like he’s perpetually exiting a high school dance (during his So Far Gone time circa 2009).

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