The meetings for the approval of a new stimulus check of $ 1,200 have begun

After criticizing the Republican economic relief bill made public on Monday, Democratic congressional leaders met with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to discuss the proposal and seek to integrate other supports.  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (California) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (New York) said they are seeking a bill to help tackle economic and health problems in the country, in addition to granting the $ 1,200 dollars direct to taxpayers.

The proposal also excludes US couples of undocumented immigrants, an issue that Democrats introduced in the HEROES Act, despite a group of Republicans pressing to add them to the aid.

Instead, Pelosi says, it seeks to protect corporations (for five years) from liability for the negligent treatment of workers and consumers, but "there is no new general provision to protect Americans from evictions or foreclosures."

They also warned that there is a $ 30 billion wish list for Defense contractors, although "funds are not being considered to ensure that Americans can vote safely in November."

Criticism indicates that states would not receive additional funds to support essential workers, such as teachers, firefighters, and bus drivers.

"Senate Republicans did manage to sneak in nearly $ 2 billion in taxpayer funds for a new FBI building whose location will increase the value of the Trump Hotel and enrich the President and his family," the Democrats charged.

The HEALS Act has not yet passed by the Senate, and it probably won’t be able to do so without Democrat support. Congressmen have only a few days before they break for the August recess, so they must reach an agreement very soon if they want economic help to reach American homes in August as they have said. 

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