The extra $ 300 a week in unemployment benefits could expire on March 14

March 14 is the deadline for the delivery of the extra $ 300 a week for unemployment benefits. What are the Democrats doing to prevent this from happening?

Millions of Americans could lose unemployment benefits if lawmakers fail to act in the next two weeks, for a $ 300 per week federal unemployment supplement and provisions expanding eligibility for insurance will expire on March 14.

With Congress and President Joe Biden having turned their full attention to the relief Americans need, the House passed the $ 1.9 American Rescue Plan on Saturday, and the Senate must vote on it this week, as Democrats race to beat a deadline to extend key unemployment programs before they expire.

The 1.9 trillion relief package presented by Joe Biden includes a $ 400 per week jobless benefit supplement that would be delivered until August of this year, and an extension of programs, making millions of more Americans eligible for unemployment insurance.

Democrats, who have thin majorities in both the House and the Senate and chose to try to pass the relief package through budget reconciliation, a process that allows a party to pass a bill with a simple majority.

In order to pass the bill with no Republican support, every member of the Blue Party in the Senate will have to advocate for it, and at least two Democratic senators have expressed skepticism about parts of the plan.

It is important that legislation is approved in the next few days, since President Biden will need to sign the bill by March 12 to continue supporting the unemployed with this extra money.

Also, if the Senate passes the relief package as planned, the third stimulus check could begin to be sent to households during the third week in March.

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