The coolest online calculators you shouldn't miss

The coolest online calculators you shouldn't miss

Do you find it difficult to estimate your budget in some fields? You can use any of these financial tools that offer online calculators to do these boring tasks for you. It's easy and free!

Fidelity Budget Checkup

To start using this platform, you'll be asked to fill the gaps with your income, expenses, and savings for the whole year. They convert these amounts in percentages and you can track easily if you're on the right track or you're falling off your expenses in each category of your budget.

Federal Student Aid Repayment Estimator

This one has a loan simulator that can help you calculate several possible options for repaying your student loans. To start, you can write your loan's total amount and its interest rate. Next, you'll be asked to fill out the information about your filing status, your income, family size, and the state you live in. The Estimator will give you options of different repayment plans, how much you'll be paying overall, and how many months it'll take to complete your payments.

AARP Retirement Calculator

This tool helps you see if you're on the right track for retirement savings, and how long your retirement fund is expected to last. Their calculator uses three different steps to determine your retirement portfolio. First, you'll add your personal information, like your salary and other incomes, among your household status. The platform will present you with some retirement options available for your current situation.

Auto Loan Payment Calculator

Before asking for a car loan, you should go to this calculator and do some maths that'll help you make the right decision. You start by putting in its total price, the down payment amount, the loan terms, and the taxes. You'll be able to decide quickly which loan you really can afford.

Credit Card Repayment Calculator

If you’re in the red in your credit card, you'll definitely make the most of this tool. Once you fill in your debt, the interest rate of your card, and the term within you expect to pay it off, this calculator will help you see if it's possible. If not, you can also estimate how long it'll take you to pay off your credit card debt.

Emergency Fund Calculator

You'll be asked to write how high your house, family, and everyday expenses are in addition to the loans and monthly payments you need to make. This emergency fund calculator quickly shows you how much money you should be keeping in your emergency fund. It can also allow you to see how many months' worth of expenses you have under control with your emergency fund.

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