The Big Bang Theory cast net worth The Big Bang Theory cast net worth

The cast of The Big Bang Theory, ranked by net worth

Find out here how much is the net worth of Big Bang Theory’s cast.

In May 2019 The Big Bang Theory came to an end but that doesn’t mean people have forgotten it. People still love it and you can still watch it on TV or via streaming. The sitcom aired 12 years and helped the cast make a huge amount of money and many nominations and wins from all kinds of award shows. Here you will find out  The Big Bang Theory cast's net worth.

5-Kunal Nayyar - $45 Million

The irony with Raj Koothrappali is that he didn’t appear in the unaired pilot episode, but Raj was added to the show and was a huge hit, definitely the right decision.

His other roles include voice acting as Vijay Patel from Sanjay and Craig. In 2020, Kunal  Nayyar focused on film projects like Trolls World Tour and Think Like a Dog. Now, his net worth is at $45 million and we are interested in seeing what he’s going to do next. He can pull off any role he wants with the energy and charisma characteristic of him.

4-Simon Helberg - $45 Million

Before the show, he appeared on MADtv showing his true talent for comedy and making the perfect guy for his role as Howard Wolowitz.

His current net worth is remarkable: $45 million! He’s been acting in some movies and TV shows since The Big Bang Theory ended. We are anxious to see his singing skills in Anette.

3- Kaley Cuoco - $55 Million

Kaley Cuoco might have been a part of your childhood and you didn’t even know it, she was the voice of Brandy from Brandy & Mr. Whiskers and played Elisa Bowers from Alley Cats Strike on Disney Channel. Now, after The Big Bang Theory ended, she’s going to voice Harley Quinn in the self-titled show.

Kaley, with a net worth of $55 million now, is definitely the 21st-century icon of the small screen.

2-Johnny Galecki - $100 Million

He was the most perfect Leonard Hofstadter the world could have asked for. After the show ended he is not only enjoying his role as a father but also playing David Healy on the Rosanne spinoff The Conners. He should be proud indeed of his net worth now: $100 million!

1-Jim Parsons -$160 Million

The one and only Sheldon Cooper won the hearts of everybody around the world and became the icon of the show. Jim's net worth today is $160 million and he continues his role in the spin-off  Young Sheldon as narrator and executive producer.

All the actors and actresses continue with their careers after the show ended but they will always be remembered for the adorkable funny sitcom that entered the houses of many all over the world.

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