Celebrations on a budget

How to plan celebrations on a budget

During this time of social distance and confinement, we have all learned the true value of affection, family, and friends. For this reason, it is likely that many, at the end of all this, will want to celebrate important dates with the people we love. How can you do it without spending a fortune?

Money-saving tips for a perfect wedding

If you are planning your wedding on a tight budget, there are many things you can do to reduce the cost of your wedding  Here are some ways to keep wedding costs down and still have the party you dreamed of.

1. Limit your guest list.

You might feel tempted to come up with a long guest list, but remember every guest is an expense. To save money on your wedding, you may want to host a smaller, more intimate affair. You can invite more guests to the wedding ceremony and host a smaller reception with your family and closest friends.

2. Plan the ceremony or reception at home.

The venue eats up the largest part of the wedding budget so you can use your home, a parent’s home, or any relative’s home as the backdrop. A ceremony and reception in a place with personal meaning eliminates the need for an elaborate, over-the-top venue.

3. Time your wedding wisely.

Avoid the expense of a sit-down meal by scheduling your wedding in the afternoon and planning a reception that’s more like an extended cocktail hour with passed hors d’oeuvres.

4. Do-it-yourself.

You and your fiancé can save big money by doing things yourselves, but plan things with plenty of time to complete any DIY projects. 

You can make your own wedding frosting cupcakes, table centerpieces,  wedding invitations, flower arrangements, decorations, or any other thing you can cope with. 

5. Ask your loved ones to exchange skills for presents.

If you have friends and family members with creative or organizational skill sets, ask them to use their talent at the wedding instead of giving you something else. 

People who love you could give you free live music, flower arrangements, cakes, catering, or photography, for example.  

6. Choose the best vendors.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and family for vendors they’d suggest and take your time to look into various options before making the final decisión.

Plan your child’s birthday party without spending a fortune

Though you may think it’s impossible, there are ways of making your child’s birthday a memorable event without spending more than you can on the party. In this article, discover how to do it.

As a parent, you want to make your child’s birthdays a special event, but sometimes, throwing an expensive party is out of your possibilities. 

If you can’t spend a fortune on a birthday bash, don’t worry. Here’s how to plan a kid’s birthday party on a budget without giving up all the fun.

1. Start with the right venue

Throwing a kid’s birthday party on a budget is mainly about location. If you can have the party at home or a local park, you will be saving a lot of money. 

If you’re planning to host a bash at home, aim to have it when the weather is nice. This makes it more fun for the kids and keeps the cake and sodas away from your expensive furniture and rugs. 

Taking the party to a park is also a good option. It gives guests a place to spread out and play. For this, you will also need the weather to be adequate.

If the weather won’t cooperate because your child’s birthday lands in the middle of winter, you may have to throw a kid’s birthday party on a budget at an indoor venue instead. Keep the guest list short, and don’t be tempted to pay for extras. If there is another school mate who has a birthday around the same time, sharing the party is a great option.

2. Keep your food budget low

When planning a kid’s birthday party on a budget, food and cake can eat up a big chunk of what you have to spend, but you’ll be surprised at how much you can save if you do things yourself.

Don’t be afraid to watch tutorial son Youtube to make the birthday cake your child wants. There are many videos where you can get ideas and instructions to make your own custom birthday cake and cookies or sandwiches.

Also, when you’re thinking about how to plan a kid’s birthday party on a budget, consider buying food in bulk from a warehouse store. You may be able to snag party platters or kid-friendly snacks without going over budget.

3. Go with low-key fun and skip the fancy invitations

Budget-friendly birthday parties for kids can be enjoyable. When we were kids we had fun with much less than kids are used to today. Entertainment options like letting kids swing at a pinata or having them test their limbo skills are simple ways to save money and incorporate fun into the day.

Holden recommends asking friends and family to pitch in and help with activities like face painting, temporary tattoos, or any idea you can think of. 

4. Decorate for less

If your child wants a specific theme you may need to think harder to come up with low-budget decorating ideas. So try to pick the birthday party theme well in advance to give yourself plenty of time to find deals.

The DIY approach can also help you save on goody bags if you decide to offer them. Decorate White bags with the birthday theme stickers or drawings and then, fill them up with inexpensive favors like pencils, erasers, coloring pages, and stickers.

Having your child draw his own birthday goodie bags or invitation is a lovely idea to keep your costs low.

Throwing a baby shower without breaking your budget

The idea when you plan a baby shower is to make it a memorable event for the parents-to-be and their loved ones. If you have are on a tight budget, there are still ways to do this without overspending.

Here are four tips for baby showers that will surely impress your guests:

1. Don’t promise more than you can do

If you want to honor someone you love who is expecting a baby or have been asked to host a baby shower, don’t be shy to tell the mothers-to-be that you need to check your budget first to make sure you can afford to throw the party.

Then set a price point ($200 for example) and ask if that is okay. The person may agree, may decide to ask someone else, or can offer to find help to pay for the difference.

2. Ask for help

The second piece of advice for those planning a baby shower on a tight budget is to enlist your friends, This could mean setting up a co-hosting arrangement or asking your friends to help with different tasks.

Scott also suggests giving everyone involved a spending cap to ensure that you plan a baby shower on a budget. How she handles the spending cap depends on the group of friends involved, she says. Some friends use their money to cover their contribution, while others hand Scott cash to cover their share of logistics and let her plan away.

Also, every friend can help either giving the host some money or contributing to some of the things needed (food, decorations, games).

If your house isn’t big enough to host the party, another friend may have a bigger home or may live in an apartment complex and may be able to use the apartment clubhouse. 

3. Get creative with décor

Rather than buying disposable shower decorations, think long term for budget baby showers: consider decorations that are gender-neutral and can be reused.

Using your imagination for the decorations is a way of saving a lot of money. You can find creative (and cheap) ideas on YouTube if you need inspiration.

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