The HEALS Act: 26 million more stimulus checks than before will be sent

The new Republican relief package proposal, known as the HEALS Act, was introduced Monday night and one of the announcements most celebrated by Americans was the inclusion of a second $ 1,200 stimulus check for more people than the first round of payments.

According to the IRS, about 159 million people in the US received the first check that was given. If the HEALS Act passes as is, tens of millions of Americans who previously did not receive payment may be eligible to receive a check.

With the CARES Act, citizens only received an additional $ 500 for their children under the age of 17. Those over the age of 17 did not receive this amount, nor were they eligible for a $ 1,200 stimulus check. This excluded millions of college students from government-given financial support.

However, with the HEALS Act, consideration is being given to this matter, and an additional payment of $ 500 for each child will be sent, regardless of their age. This means that at least 26 million more people will qualify for financial support from the government.

The HEALS Act will follow the same criteria as before. Payments would be based on tax returns made in 2018 or 2019, and up to $ 1,200 will be released to individuals earning less than $ 75,000. $ 2,400 will also be awarded to couples who collectively earn less than $ 150,000.

This relief bill, however, continues to leave out immigrants without legal status, their spouses (if they file together) and their children born in the US. In addition to the Democratic proposal to include these people in the next direct payment, there is also pressure from within the Republican party to do so. This would further increase the number of checks issued.

It remains to be seen what will happen regarding this issue when both parties discuss this point.

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