The 6 best purchases to make in your 20s

The 6 best purchases to make in your 20s

Graham Stephan is a real estate agent and investor, he tells you the best 6 purchases to make in your 20s.

He describes his video:

"FIRST: Invest in your career In your 20’s, the “BEST PURCHASE” is all about INCREASING YOUR INCOME. That’s it…I really believe your 20s are a time for you to work diligently, don’t be stupid, be smart with your money, stash away as much in investments as possible, and solidify the foundation in your career. After that, it’s all about GROWING and MAINTAINING that, that - one day - your investments will be able to cover your day to day lifestyle without you ever needing to work another day in your life, ever again - unless you want to. Also, go and read the books Think And Grow Rich - The 4 Hour Work Week - and Rich Dad Poor Dad. Trust me, I’ve read all of those books MULTIPLE times…and that’ll be enough to get the ball rolling, and get you so amped up on what’s in store for the future.

SECOND: A Reliable, Used Car I never could understand why people my age were out there, buying or leasing expensive cars, when they could use that same payment towards BUYING something that they’d be able to own outright within a year. Which is why I strongly advocate - for anyone who’s in their 20’s - put your own pride and ego aside, and get a solid used car that won’t depreciate, that doesn’t break down, and just gets you from point a to point b safely. You have your entire life ahead of you to go and get cool cars.

THIRD: Hire a good CPA Taxes are INSANELY complicated, WAY more than they EVER should be. Not to mention, there’s a lot of the tax code that’s completely open to interpretation…so, if you want to make sure you’re maximizing the benefits of everything you’re allowed, WITHIN THE LAW, of course…hire a good accountant. My philosophy is that, when it comes to this…a good CPA to help file your tax return will generally, AT MINIMUM, pay for itself.

FOURTH: Purchase Stocks and Index Funds within a Roth IRA This is a retirement account where you can contribute $6000 Per Year and invest after-tax money, and then all of the profit within that account is COMPLETELY tax-free after the age of 59.5. The MASSIVE advantage to doing this is that ALL the money you deposit into this account will grow entirely tax-free. This is something I started in my early 20’s, by opening up a Roth IRA - and then just loading up on Vanguard Index Funds.

FIFTH: Buy Real Estate When it comes to myself, those early real estate purchases ABSOLUTELY changed my entire outlook on not only investing, but being able to see the rewards of diligent hard work and sacrifice. It was such an incredible feeling to look at a house, and know that I’m the owner…that THAT ownership was the result of so many late nights, so much hard dedication, so much self-doubt, and seeing it right in front of me just made it all feel “Worth it.” Like, in personal finance…we don’t get trophies…but, we can get real estate. And that’s how it felt, to me.

SIXTH: House Hack House Hacking is a term where you buy a property that has multiple units…then, you move in ONE of them, and rent out the others to cover the cost of owning the building. This is something I began doing a few years ago…and, I gotta say…it’s been one of the best financial experiences. This has allowed me to save a CONSIDERABLE amount of money, it’s allowed me to re-invest WAY more in other things that are more profitable than a housing payment, and I get to invest and own real estate at the exact same time.

Those are the BEST financial purchases to make in your 20s, and everything that I have personally done, that’s helped bring me here today. I really believe that your 20s are such a unique time to get yourself ahead, and whatever you do RIGHT NOW will multiply by leaps and bounds by the time you’re older.

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