The 5 craziest things Neil Patrick Harris has ever bought The 5 craziest things Neil Patrick Harris has ever bought

The 5 craziest things Neil Patrick Harris has ever bought

Here’s a list with the craziest stuff the actor has bought.

The Hollywood actor is loved all over the globe, not only for his marvelous performance in How I Met Your Mother but also because he has worked in tons of shows and movies and the audience is now waiting to see him in Matrix 4 as he was announced to be part of the cast. Keep on reading this article to find out the 5 craziest things the actor has bought.

1-Black Air Pods

When air pods hit the market, every celebrity got a pair of them. A white pair. But not Neil. He got them in black as he mentioned in his Instagram account that "they're so much badder asser than the white ones".

2-Haunted Mansion Figure

NPH is known for loving all sorts of holidays, when it comes to Halloween he is truly a huge fan. He collects different characters with his husband and their twins. When he got this particular one he posted it proudly on Instagram next to the caption" This is either a super cool haunted Mansion figure I recently acquired, or how I feel when I think about how many Holidays gifts I've yet to acquire. #both"

3-Popcorn Maker

Neil Patrick Harris certainly knows what he wants. He and his family are crazy about watching movies at home, that’s why he bought a popcorn maker for their Netflix Friday nights. 

4-L.C. Smith Typewriter

NPH's working area from his house in Harlem is top-notch! He owns a beautiful vintage typewriter by The L.C. Smith & Bros. It’s a beautiful piece of vintage “art” but no one knows if NPH actually uses it or if it’s just deco.

5-A bar

Tired of being asked for selfies every time he was out with his husband at a bar he decided to buy himself one. He has actually built a bar inside his house. He mentioned in an interview by Vogue that he frequently throws parties where he likes to make his drinks. He also has a variety of liquors so that every guest can pick exactly what they want!

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