The 5 craziest things Christina Applegate has spent on The 5 craziest things Christina Applegate has spent on

The 5 craziest things Christina Applegate has spent on

Find out her craziest purchases here.

Christina Applegate is one of those persons that have been in the Hollywood industry for a long time. Everybody knows who she is and can name more than one movie she starred in.

The actress became a household name thanks to her role in Married with Children during the '80s. After that, the world has seen her in several films and other shows. The most recent acting job she’s got is the Netflix show Dead to Me, praised by the critics. She has a net worth evaluated at $20 million. Keep on reading to find out her 5 craziest purchases.

1-House  renovation

Most celebrities invest part of their fortune on real estate, and they hardly keep a home for over a decade. but not Christina Applegate. She is still living in the same house for over 20 years. After a flood destroyed a big part of her kitchen, the actress decided to renovate it. She finally had the chance to have the kitchen she always dreamed about! Although she didn’t reveal how much she spent, we can infer that it wasn’t cheap.

2-Red Carpet Dresses

You can just show up on the red carpet with any dress. Christina Applegate knows this well as she spends tons of money on designers' dresses for these kinds of events. During the Dead to Me premiere, in 2019, she chose a flawless white dress with a golden belt.

3-Skincare treatments

The forty-eight years old actress has spent a fortune on the best dermatologists that helped her to maintain her shiny beautiful skin and also invested in some costly creams. During an interview with Cosmopolitan, Applegate revealed she is a fan of the La Mer cream.


After battling breast cancer ten years ago, the actress created the Right Action for Women, which helps women to know more about breast cancer. It also offers financial support to women in this situation.

5-Personal Trainers

She’s in better shape in her late forties than many others much younger. She also works hard for it and hired the personal trainer Teddy Bass, who also works with celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton.

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