The 4 craziest things Ariana Grande has ever bought

She’s made so many hits over the last decade which gave her quite a number on her bank account. Keep on reading to find out how she spends it.

Her name is known all over the world, whether you like her or not. Over the last decade, the pop princess has become a global superstar across many genres of music, as well as in the acting scene, and recently has entered the top 100 influential people in the world. Not bad, Ariana!

Here's how she spends her $50 million net worth!

1- A House

At only 24 years of age, Grande has set up her personal residence in Beverly Hills, which covers almost 2,000 meters atop a hill with panoramic views of Greater Los Angeles. The place has 5 bedrooms all with bathrooms, along with a small plunge pool overlooking the hills. No one knows the exact price of the house but it certainly wasn’t cheap.

2- AirBnB

Yes, celebrities also use Airbnb, there are properties listed for $10,000+ USD per night, let alone being used by some high net worth individuals including Justin Bieber, and indeed, Ariana Grande herself.

3- Fendi jackets

Anyone who follows Ari will know that she loves showing off her Fendi Jacket collection, coming in at a low price of $2,300 USD… yes, a price that could make anyone drop their jaws to the ground.

4- A $16 Million apartment

It is no secret that Grande and Pete Davidson’s relationship was a bit of an odd one. Engaged within 1 month, moving in together… in that love state she was in, she bought a fully-flexed New York apartment worth $16 million, which included the essentials: sky-lit pool, juice bar, and IMAX theatre room…

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